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CRP Cryptocurrency-Based
Online Poker

Private Texas
Holdem in Utopia
P2P Ecosystem

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You are only minutes away from
playing the next big thing!

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You do not need to enter personal data or provide identification documents to start the game or withdraw the money won.

Mineable cryptocurrency

You can start winning Cryptons without any initial investment. Run a mining bot that automatically earns Cryptons for the game.

0 Rake

Utopia does not take any monetary commissions for winning any amount of Cryptons or for making a bet in the game.


About Utopia P2P Poker game

Utopia P2P is a decentralized and anonymous ecosystem that gives users a secure and uncensored space for daily messaging, net surfing, online payment, and even more. It has a built-in Poker Game. Everybody can start playing Texas hold ’em poker without additional downloading. It is a good way of getting Cryptons (internal ecosystem’s cryptocurrency) and having fun with friends enjoying the game.


Poker Gameplay features

Poker gameplay in Utopia is a no-limit Texas hold 'em game where everyone can relax, have fun, and take risks playing with their friends or matched opponents. Here are some features:

  • A wide variety of tables for playing – private and public.
  • Selection of the number of opponents: from 2 to 8 players.
  • Online chat during the game.
  • Possibility to join poker tournaments and gain money.
  • Wide range of Blinds.
  • No ante and low rake.

3 easy steps to start playing and win


Downloading the client

Download Utopia to your computer. Supported operating systems: Windows, iOS, Linux.



Make a deposit or mining

Buy or exchange Cryptons on exchanges or run a Mining bot to get them for free in the ecosystem.



Start the game

Start winning and earning Cryptons, and withdraw them to your internal uWallet.


How to get coins and
the game? How to...

You earn Cryptons even
when you don't play

You can get Cryptons for free using a built-in mining bot. Just run a bot that will earn CRP in your account for sessions in Utopia P2P. No harm to your software or environment.

Chill man

You can buy or exchange
Cryptons on the exchanges

If you don't want to wait for the Mining bot to collect Cryptons, there is a simple way of getting Cryptons. You can always buy CRPs on one of the available cryptocurrency exchanges.

Man & Cards

Participate in promotions

Another easy way to earn coins is to participate in our promotions. It’s simple to participate and does not require any investment from you. All you need to do is follow the Utopia news on social networks and take part in contests when they are announced.

Man & Cards Diamonds
Fair and Transparent

The game has a simple dealing mechanism and cheating prevention.

Private and Secure

Your personal privacy in the digital age is our priority.

Low fees for deposits and withdrawals

Utopia has low commissions for both depositing funds and withdrawing won Cryptons.

Reliable wallet for Cryptons storage

You do not need to enter personal data to start playing, deposit funds or withdraw them to your uWallet.


What is the cryptocurrency used in the game?

The one cryptocurrency used in the game is Crypton (CRP). Cryptons are the internal cryptocurrency of the Utopia P2P ecosystem. It provides a strong level of privacy, guaranteed by various technologies behind the complete anonymity of transactions. CRP is reliably protected from any internal or external risks, thanks to the use of encryption.

Why can't I use other cryptocurrencies for this game?

Poker club is an internal game of the ecosystem. To start the game, you don't need to download or install anything else if you are already a client of the ecosystem. Accordingly, all bets are made using an internal Crypton cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged, sold, or withdrawn to your internal crypto wallet or crypto exchanges. Find out why Crypton is an interesting cryptocurrency by following the link .

How can I withdraw coins?

The process of withdrawing coins won't take long. You can use a step-by-step guide for buying, making a deposit and withdrawing coins by following this link .

How can I deposit a coin?

The process of making a deposit won't take long. You can use a step-by-step guide for buying, making a deposit and withdrawing coins by following this link .